Our Barn Mascot

The Chamounix mascot

The Chamounix Mascot Extraordinaire

Those of you that have been through our barn know that we have more than just horses and kids. Dogs, cats, roosters, even a rabbit grace our corridors. But we really only have one barn mascot, and his name is Yoda.

Yoda came to us about a year ago from our vet, Cindy Balzer, of the Girard Vet Clinic. He was found roaming around North Philly. When he first walked into the barn, he was a small, skinny thing, a “mini-goat.” He may not have gotten taller, but he sure has gotten wider.

He has served many purposes in our barn. He shows us that even a little, wide goat can hop up on lots of tall things, especially when there’s any type of food involved. He befriended a loyal companion, the horse Showtime, and kept him company during stall rest for a leg injury. Finally, he has taught us the valuable life lesson: when in doubt, headbutt it and see what happens.

Through it all, he has shown us that even a goat can be a dog if he really wants to. So stop by sometime, and ask to meet Yoda. You will undoubtedly get a grin, rolling eyes, and the chance to make a unique and mischievous friend.


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