Founded in 1994, Work to Ride (WTR) is a 501 c3, non-profit community-based prevention program that aids disadvantaged urban youth though constructive activities centered on horsemanship, equine sports and education. The program is housed at Chamounix Stables, located in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, PA. This setting provides a unique opportunity to bring urban youth in contact with animals and nature. Work to Ride is designed as a long-term program for 7 to 19 year-old youth who must commit to a minimum of one year of participation. It is, however, expected that participants will choose to remain with the program through high school graduation. Work to Ride graduates receive help with college enrollment, and most also choose to return to Chamounix to mentor new participants.


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  1. richardprather

    Hi my name is Richard Prather. I just wanted to take this opportunity out to express my feeling towards this inter-city program in Philadelphia. I love Work To Ride!!! There are so many things I enjoy about this program. However, one thing that comes to mind is what WTR stands for, a since of belonging, a peace of mind and the freedom to let kids be a kids. I had fun growing up in the program but it’s a lot more fun help the newer generations find their footing on life. Thank you WTR aka Lez…

    With only the best regards for WTR,

    Prather, Richard

    P.S. Greb… I hope u have been working out because I will be seeing you real soon… lol

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