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WTR Boys Have A Blast at the Eastern Interscholastic Polo Tournament

boys-sweatshirts.jpgHey everyone! This is Tasha here and I just wanted to tell you guys about the boyʼs interscholastic tournament and how much fun I had. Before we got on the road to Virginia, Lezlie and I went to have breakfast at a nice little coffee shop in Wayne, PA, while we waited for Kareem to get done with his celebrity breakfast! I had a nice time eating breakfast with Lez. So after about an hour or so, we went back to VF to pick up Kareem and hit the road. Brandon, Kevin and Gerb were already on their way down to Charlottesville with the rest of the VF team. The ride took about five hours, but it would have felt longer if I didnʼt have my mp3 player to listen to, lol.

When we arrived at the arena, there were a lot of teams there that were all ready to play. We all watched the first games together, because Cowtown and VF werenʼt playing until Friday. All of the games were interesting and fun to watch. Of course, watching the games with the boys makes everything ten times funnier! After all of the games were over, we all went back to the hotel and checked in.  About twenty minutes into entering the hotel, the boys were already heading down to the pool. I went down to the pool with Kevin to watch the boys swim and act a fool! The whole time I was down there, I was hoping that I wouldnʼt have to save anybody, but the water wasnʼt that deep! Lol.  While we were down there, the older boys (VF team) tried and failed at throwing Kevin into the pool. It was pretty funny.

So, without stretching this out too much, Cowtown won their first game against Garrison and VF won their first game also on Friday. They were both exciting games! Then on Saturday Cowtown, unfortunately, lost their second game to Brandywine by two points. But they gave it their all and played really well. The VF boys won their second game and went to the finals on Sunday against Brandywine; hoping to take home a win! VF lost to Brandywine by one point, but played hard.

So, to sum it all up, we all had A LOT of fun! At least I did. Our time at the hotel was fun accept for the fact that we almost got kicked out about three times, lol. And Iʼve got to say, the boyʼs interscholastic tournament was nothing compared to the girlʼs tournament! We kicked butt! No, but they were awesome and I had a great time. Iʼm looking forward to seeing a trophy from the Nationals next year at Chamounix Stables!!! Go Cowtown!!!!

–by Tasha Harris, Working to Ride since 2003


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