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Work to Ride’s 2009 Africa Trip: In Drea’s Words

2009 Team From Left: Kareem Rosser, Daymar Rosser, Drea Taylor

2009 Team From Left: Kareem Rosser, Daymar Rosser, Drea Taylor

Drea Taylor, 15, WTR participant since 2006, traveled to Nigeria this spring with the WTR polo team.  In his own words, this is the story of his trip:

5-24-09 was the big day of my life. It was the day that I left to go to Africa. I was very excited to go. I was thinking about the trip since I found out I was going. I went with Daymar and Kareem Rosser, Richard Prather and Lezlie Hiner. Daymar and Kareem are my team mates. We are like brothers. Actually Daymar and Kareem are brothers. Lezlie Hiner is my coach and Richard Prather is my mentor.

Let’s get back to the story. The day we were suppose to leave Daymar and I went for a jog so we could be tired when we get on the air plane. The workout worked too. We were knocked out on the plane. The flight was six and a half hours. When I woke up on the plane I watched a couple of movies. Each seat on the plane had a built in T.V. I watched Hotel for Dogs and Taken. They were good movies.

When we finally arrived in London Heathrow we met up with other polo players. As we all got together we met a group of kids from London that ride horses and has lunch together. The program that they are in is similar to Work to Ride. They were really cool kids. After lunch we went for a walking tour around parts of London. I must say it was very unique to see the things we seen.

Later that day we went back to the airport to check back in for our final flight. When we got on the flight we found out that one of the engines were broke so we had a delay. The delay was two hours and it seemed way longer than that. Everyone was happy when they heard the god news. The good news was that the British Airways people found a plane that we could use. As we were preparing for take off I fell asleep. When I woke up we had two hours left so I watched the Simpsons.

The landing of the plane was a little hard. The first minute I got off of the plane it was very stinky. It was the worst smell I ever smelled. We got our bags than met up with the drivers. We packed the car and made or way to a little city called Kaduna. It was a very crowded city. It was very poor and I didn’t want to see anymore of it. I realized how grateful I am.

Stay tuned for more installments of Drea’s life-changing trip!


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